New Users Coupons & Uber Promo Code $50 | June 2021

Uber Promo Code $50 | New User’s Hack | Uber First Ride Code June 2021

Uber Promo Code:- First of all, we {} welcome you and thank you for your kind visit to our page. Here we are going to provide you with all new and working Uber promo codes for all Users ( new and existing users).

Uber Promo Code $50 2021

To find working promo codes/ discount codes/ coupons/ Deals you have to go through this complete article. Also, All These Uber discount codes are valid and active in June 2021.

All Working Promo codes are BOLD and RLUE in color.

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Uber Promo Code $50 For New Customers June 2021 | Uber First Ride Code

About Uber: Uber is the world’s most popular taxi ride-sharing company. Uber is providing its cab services in more than 633 cities around the world. Most Loved taxi Service in the world. In just a few seconds you can book your taxi and can have a wonderful ride with Uber.

Uber cabs are loyal, trusted, and loved by all its users. Also, Uber Provides many offers for their customers whether you are new or existing you will get promo codes to have an additional discount on your rides in Uber.

New User’s Uber Promo Code $50 | Uber First Ride Code

Below given Uber Promo codes offer more than $50 Off on Uber Rides. Also, they are Uber First Ride Codes. Any New User to Uber can use these promo codes to get a genuine discount on their ride. These are mouth-watering codes for new users. These Uber Discount Codes will put a smile on your face.

  • Firstly, Uber Promo Code $50: ” NEWRIDER25 ” Take $2.50 off each of your first 10 rides { 25$ Off Uber First Ride Code }
  • Secondly, Uber Promo Code $50: ” NEWRIDER18 “ Get $3 off each of your first 6 rides { 18$ Off Uber First Ride Code }
  • Thirdly, Uber Promo Code $50: NEWRIDER16 Take $4 off each of your first 4 rides { 16$ Off Uber First Ride Code }
  • Lastly, Uber Promo Code $50: NEWRIDER15 “ Save $5 off each of your first 3 rides { 15$ Off Uber First Ride Code }

Expired Uber First Ride Code | Uber Hacks | Uber’s Existing Users Promo Code 2021

Here are some Old or Expire Uber Promo Code $50 For New Users. { But you can give a try on them may be they wil work for you.

  • Uber first ride Code. “Tryfree51” This Uber New Customers Promo code gives you up to $15 off with your first ride.
  • This Code is for Uber First Ride Code | Uber Hack Code. Use the “Tryfree50” promo code to get $15 off for your first ride.
  • Save $10 for your first two rides by using the “TryFree53”  promo code for New users ( Uber First Ride Code | Uber Hack Code ).
  • ( Uber First Ride Code | Uber Hack Code ) One More save $5 on your first two rides. Use the “TryFree52” promo code for getting $15 off your ride by using “78x3p9xzue”
  • Use this “HITTHEROAD” as Uber Coupon and get the First ride free for this month ( Uber First Ride Code | Uber Hack Code ).
  • $15 off for your next ride by using the “SUM1759UE”  promo code ( Uber First Ride Code | Uber Hack Code ).
  • Use the “Vrirf”  promo code for existing users to get your first 5 rides free( Uber First Ride Code | Uber Hack Code ).
  • ( Uber First Ride Code )$10 off for your next 2 rides by using the “TRYFREE84” promo code. That means you will get $5 off each on your next two rides.
  • ( Uber First Ride Code | Uber Hack Code ) Save $15 on your first ride with the “HAPPYWALLET”  Apply this code and get $15 off. 
  • Uber users this is a good offer for you. You can get 3 Uber Freerides. For this use the “alaina803ui” promo code for existing users and enjoy your free rides. 

Also, All These Uber First Ride Code | Uber Hack Code are Not valid and active in June 2021.

Uber Code for Existing Users 2021 | Uber Rewards


Currently, Uber is not running existing Users Promo Codes but soon they will Generate a new promo code or any new offer for the existing users so that they can have fun while using Uber.

No Existing Users Promo Codes { But We have some exicted offers for Existing users }

As we don’t have Any Working Uber Promo codes for Existing Users. But We do have some Working Uber Rewards and offers for Existing Users. By using These offers existing users will have some fun.

  • Get free rides for all users by using the “TRYFREE83” promo code for existing users ( Expired Promo Code for Existing Users )
  • 40% Cash Back  Promo Code: Great offer for every Uber User. Get 50% cashback on 5 Uber rides when you use Paytm as your payment method. Use the “PAYTM40” promo code for existing users. All Reddit users can use these promo codes.

How to Earn more free rides with Uber? | Free Uber Rides?

Yes, of course, you can earn free rides with Uber even without a promo code. For that, you have to invite your friend, family members, colleague, etc to use an Uber taxi. And when your family or friends uses your invite code then automatically you will be awarded a free ride from Uber or rewards from Uber.

Uber Referral code

Firstly, you have to download the Uber App and then Sign up. Next, log in to the Uber app, then you will see the menu tab on the left top side of the screen where you will see an option “Free Rides” click that option.

Uber Referral Code { Uber Promo Code $50 }

Afterward, you will see a new invitation screen with your referral code, finally, you can invite you’re known once and $5 credit in your account when they use your referral code and download Uber App and sign-up to request their first ride. Moreover, you can invite your known via text, email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, or any other ways.

Uber Carpool & Save More 

Uber carPOOL { Uber Promo Code $50 }

What is carPOOL? How can we save more with carPOOL?

First, A carPOOL is a ride-sharing option in the Uber App in which you can share your ride with 2 more people who have the same destination along with your location. You can opt for carPOOL on business days that is from Monday to Friday between 7-10 am and 5-8 pm. For the carPOOL trip firstly, you select the carPOOL option in Uber App and confirm your trip.

Any existing users of uber can use this offer. In any type of Uber pool service, you can save up to 5$

Meanwhile, you can check your cab location, arrival time left, and contact the driver for being faster. Next, you will share your ride with another person coming ahead on your way. Your payment will be automatically charged by your chosen method. In carPOOL, you can save $5. Hence share a ride and save together.

How to Use Uber Coupons or Promo Code?

How to use Uber Promo Code? You just need to find a valid Uber coupon or promo code for your ride and copy that code and paste that code at the time of payment on the promotional box to get the discount on your ride fare. This is a simple process. Visit Discount code for all and get your working uber coupon and paste that code at the promotional box and get your fare reduced by given discount.

Have you used Uber cabs before or not?

If you have not used Uber Cabs early then go for it. It is very easy to book an Uber cab and reach your destination without waiting for a taxi or cab for long. Read the below-given instructions to know how to use Uber for the first time.

$15 off Uber App For New User { Free Ride }

Before requesting your Uber cab first, you have to download Uber App either from the google play store or App Store. Links are Given Below. Next, you have to sign up with Uber by providing your details for example email, phone number, address, etc. After sign up, you will get your first free ride if it is under $15 which means if your first ride is under  $15 then you don’t have to pay for that but if the ride exceeds $15 then you have to pay the exceeded amount.

How To Get Free Uber Rides After First Time?

You might not know that Uber linked up with Google Maps for better service. So if you are an existing user of Uber you will get $15 off when you request your first ride from Google Maps. This is a limited period offer and available for US users. {Verified and working offer}

Uber Customer Support Helpline

Furthermore, If you have any problem or query regarding your ride or Uber Driver, you can contact Uber Customer Support Number at 800-353-8237. 


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