Uber Promo Code 50% Off 3 Rides | New & Existing Users October 2018

50% Off Uber Promo Code For New & Existing Users October 2018 {Free Uber Ride & Uber Referral Code}

Uber Promo Code October 2018: First of all, we {discountcodeforall.com} welcomes you and thank you for your kind visit to our post. Here we are going to provide you with all new and working Uber promo code for all new and existing users.

Uber Promo Code

For all Uber promo code, discount codes, coupons, and deals you have to go through the complete article.

$15 Uber Promo Code New & Existing User October 2018

Uber Promo Code For New & Existing Users October 2018 { Uber Free Rides October 2018 }

Of course, you all have heard about Uber Cab if not then we tell you that Uber Cabs are the world’s most popular taxi ride-sharing company. Uber is providing its cab services in more than 633 cities around the world. Uber cabs are loyal, trusted and loved by all its users.

Have you used Uber cabs before or not?

If you have not used Uber Cabs early then go for it. It is very easy to book Uber cab and reach your destination without waiting for a taxi or cab for long. Read below-given instructions to know how to use Uber for the first time.

$15 off Uber App For New User { Free Ride October 2018 & Uber Promo Code October 2018 }

Before requesting your Uber cab first, you have to download Uber App either from google play store or App Store. Next, you have to sign up with Uber by providing your details for example email, phone number, address etc. After sign up, you will get your first free ride if it is under $15 that means if your first ride is under  $15 then you don’t have to pay for that but if ride exceeds $15 then you have to pay the exceeded amount.

Uber Promo Code After First Time October 2018 { Uber Promo Code Existing Users October 2018 }

How To Get Free Uber Rides After First Time October 2018?

You might not know that Uber linked up with Google Maps for better service. So if you are an existing user of Uber you will get $15 off when you request your first ride from Google Maps. This is a limited period offer and available for the US users.{Verified and working offer}

First free Ride Uber Promo Code October 2018 { Uber New User Coupon October 2018 }

40% Cash Back Uber Promo Code: Great offer for every Uber User. Get 50% cash back on 5 Uber rides when you use Paytm as your payment method. Use “PAYTM40” Uber promo code for existing users.

Use “TRYFREE89” Uber promo code to get $10 off 2 rides for all users.

Free 2 rides for all: Get free rides for all users by using “TRYFREE83” Uber promo code.

Get your first Uber ride for the month of October 2018 you are a new user to Uber than you will get up to $15 off on your first ride. Use “HITTHEROAD” Uber coupon code to get this offer. This offer is valid up to 12/31/2018. {Valid and working promo code}

Next $10 off offer October 2018: Save $10 for your first two rides by using “TryFree53” Uber promo code.

One More save $5 on your first two rides. Use “TryFree52” Uber coupon code.

Another Uber promo code for getting $15 off your ride by using “78x3p9xzue”

$15 off for your next ride by using “SUM1759UE” Uber promo code.

Use “Vrirf” Uber promo code to get your first 5 rides free.

$10 off for your next 2 rides by using “TRYFREE84” Uber promo code. That means you will get $5 off each on your next two rides.

Save $15 on your first ride with  “HAPPYWALLET” Uber Promo code. Apply this code and get $15 off.{Tested and working promo code}

Uber promo code “Tryfree51 give you up to $15 off with your first ride. 

Use “Tryfree50” Uber promo code to get $15 off for your first ride.

Uber user this is the good offer for you. You can get 3 Uber Freerides. For this use “alaina803ui” Uber promo code and enjoy your free rides.

50% Cash Back Uber Codes October 2018 & Uber Promo Code { Uber Existing and New User October 2018 }

First, Get $20 off with Uber promo code for existing users “MATCH20” on your first ride to match happy hours.

Secondly, Pay your payment with Paypal instead of cash or any other card and save $20. Use RIDINGUBER20″ Uber coupon code for existing users.

Use “xinl1155ue” Uber coupon code to save  $5 off for your next 4 rides.

Finally, Save $5 on your 4 rides with “adamw20803ue” Uber code. This promo code is valid until tomorrow.

Above all promo codes are valid, verified and presently working. However, there is even more way by which you can earn more free rides.

How to Earn more free rides with Uber?

Free Rides??

Yes, of course, you can earn free rides with Uber even without a promo code. For that, you have to invite your friend, family members, colleague etc to use Uber taxi.

Uber Referral code October 2018 | Uber Promo Code Existing Users October 2018

Uber Referral code October 2018 and Uber Promo Code For Existing Users

First, you have to download the Uber App and then Sign up. Next, login to Uber app, then you will see the menu tab on the left top side of the screen where you will see an option “Free Rides” click that option.

Uber Referral Code {Uber Promo Code}

Afterward, you will see a new invitation screen with your referral code, finally, you can invite you’re known once and $5 credit in your account when they use your referral code and download Uber App and sign-up to request their first ride. Moreover, you can invite your known via text, email, WhatsApp, facebook twitter or any other ways.

Uber Carpool & Save More in October 2018 { Uber Promo Code Existing Users October 2018 }

What is carPOOL? How can we save more with carPOOL?

Uber carPOOL {Uber Promoo Code}

At First, A carPOOL is a ride-sharing option in the Uber App in which you can share your ride with 2 more people who have the same destination along your location. You can opt carPOOL in business days that is from Monday to Friday between 7-10am and 5-8pm. For carPOOL trip firstly, you select the carPOOL option in Uber App and confirm your trip.

Meanwhile, you can check your cab location, arrival time left and contact the driver for being faster. Next, you will share your ride with other person coming ahead on your way. Your payment will be automatically charged by your chosen method. In carPOOL, you can save $5. Hence share a ride and save together.

Uber Customer Support Helpline

Furthermore, If you have any problem or query regarding your ride or Uber Driver, you can contact Uber Customer Support Number at 800-353-8237. 

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